Communicator Install Instructions

To get started installing Communicator:

  1. Download the Installer for Shoretel here. Click on "View" and then "Download"; "Download Anyway".

  2. Once the ShoreTelInstaller file has downloaded, double-click the downloaded file and choose "RUN" (Specifics on these instructions will depend on your browser; but once the download finishes, run the .exe file)

  3. Select “Next”

  1. Accept the terms and select “Next”, "Next", "Next" until you see the "Install" button, then click "Install"

  1. The Status bar will begin to move to show the program is being installed

  1. Select “Finish” when complete

  1. Upon opening Communicator for the first time, you will see the following box.  Select “Next”

  1. NOTE:  UNCHECK box next to “Use Windows Credentials”

  2. The enter the following information in the blanks:

    1. Server name =  voicemail.anderson.edu

    2. User Name =   username (your AccessAU/Moodle username)

    3. Password = auluminet

  1. Select “No Thanks” and check the box for “Don’t show this warning next time”

  1. Verify that the connection was successful and select “Next”

  1. Change the Communicator Password and confirm, followed by selecting “Next”

  1. Change your Telephone Password (it must be numbers) and select “Next”

  1. Select “Next”

  1. Select “Next” to skip this step (This step will not be performed)

  1. Select the check box for “Start ShoreTel Communicator when you logon to Windows” if desired.  Select “Finish” to complete the setup.  

  1. Select the Voicemail tab on the bottom to view all voicemails

  2. Select the playback selector icon on the bottom left and select “Play via PC Speakers”

  3. Right click on the message to bring up other options such as “Export to .wav file”

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