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iOS Printing (iPhone/iPad)

1. Using the Safari web browser on your iOS device (Chrome or any other browser will not work) go to

2. Now an Install Profile dialog should appear. Click Install. You may be prompted to enter your iOS device's PIN.

3. Afterwards, a Printing App will be available on your home screen.

4. Open the app and you will be prompted to enter your AU Credentials. Make sure you check the box to "remember me."

5. Now open any app that uses iOS printing natively (such as Notes, Mail, or most major apps).

6. When you choose the print option in the app, you will now see a list of printers. Scroll down the list to find the printer you desire.

7. If you send a job and it does not print, open the Papercut app on your iOS device and ensure that you are logged in.


Q: Why isn't the download from working?
A: Make sure you are using the Safari web browser. Other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox will not work.

Q: When I print certain documents such as photos the printer prompts me to choose a new paper size. Why is this?
A: Certain documents and photos were designed to fit the resolution of the iPad and do not translate to a paper size.
     At the printer you may be prompted to use a different paper tray or continue printing. Choose the option that
     best suits your print job.

Q: When using a Google application such as Gmail, Docs, or Pages, I see the option to print to "Cloud Print."
A: "Cloud Print" is Google's mobile printing solution. When given this option choose iOS Print instead.