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Statement of User Responsibility

Computer and Network Use

The primary purpose of Anderson University’s computer labs and network is the transmission and sharing of information and other communications
in support of research and education.

I understand that certain responsibilities come with the privilege of using the computer facilities provided at Anderson University. Some of these are enumerated below, but many others fall under the realm of common sense and common courtesy. I understand that the University reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. I agree that I will follow, adhere to, and honor the spirit and intent of the following rules:
I. Respect for privacy
A. I will not access others’ directories for the purpose of obtaining information (either data or programs). I will not tamper with information that is not mine nor purposely inhibit other users from accessing information that rightly belongs to them.
B. I will store information on the system only in my personal directory, unless directed to do otherwise by a faculty or IT staff member.
C. I will respect the privacy of other persons. I will not seek information about, obtain copies of, or modify electronic information about others.
D. Although not a regular practice, I understand that the University reserves the right to examine any files in any directory at any time, including electronic mail.
II. Respect of a shared and limited resource
A. I will not use University computer resources for personal or company financial gain.
B. The electronic mail service is a useful and powerful tool. I will not use it in a frivolous manner, nor will I harass other users by sending senseless or inappropriate messages.
C. I will respect the network as a shared resource. I will not deliberately attempt to degrade or disrupt system performance or to interfere with the work of others. I will be sensitive to the impact of my traffic on network performance. I understand that “chain letters”, broadcasting messages or other types of use which would cause congestion of the network is not permitted.
D. I recognize that academic use is our priority. Therefore I will use of computer resources for recreational purposes only when such use does not place a heavy load on shared resources.
III. Respect for ethics and community standards
A. Passwords are extremely confidential and must never be given to anyone else. I agree to keep my password confidential and not disclose it to anyone for any reason.
B. I will respect appropriate local, state and federal laws and intellectual property rights. The distribution of programs, databases, and other electronic information resources which is controlled by the laws of copyright, licensing agreements and trade secret laws will be observed. I will not use AU computing resources to participate in any illegal activities and I understand that I am solely responsible for my actions.
C. I will respect the spirit of academia. The theft, mutilation, or abuse of computing resources violates the nature and spirit of the academic environment.
D. I understand that malicious use is not acceptable. All use must be consistent with the ethics and community standards of Anderson University.
I understand that certain responsibilities come with the privilege of using the computer facilities at Anderson University.
By willfully accessing my Anderson University network and email accounts, I acknowledge, understand, and agree to abide by the rules set forth above.