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Technology Services for Faculty/Staff

Institutional resources will be directed into technology that improves learning, expands and enhances the academic process, and increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the management of this institution.

Anderson University provides the following resources and services to members of our community (students, staff and faculty):

a) A campus network with access to the Internet and network connections in residence halls, classrooms, offices, and other learning spaces.

b) Desktop computers for full-time faculty and most staff. Access will be made available, although perhaps not by an individual desktop computer, for part-time/adjunct faculty and staff.

c) Access to printing resources via a network connection.

d) Network and email accounts; email is a primary means of communication between members of our community.

e) Public computer labs for general use and specialized labs for specific academic uses

f) Multiple classrooms with permanent LCD projectors and desktop computers plus various audiovisual devices and network connections.

g) Web-accessible library information system.

h) Integrated and web-accessible administrative computer system

i) User support through ITS staff assisted by student workers.

j) Protection from computer viruses, worms and email spamming.