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Recommended Computer System

We have partnered with Dell to offer computer systems to AU students.  Visit for our Dell recommended systems. 

If you wish to bring or purchase a system other than Dell; below is our basic recommended computer systems:

Intel Pentium processor (most recent Pentium processor on the market)
· 8 Gb RAM (4Gb minimum)
· 500Gb (or larger) hard drive
· 17" monitor (flat screen is nice with space limitations on desk)
· 128 Mb or more video RAM
· Ethernet network card
· If a laptop, wireless 802.11x (no support for b)
· Windows 8 and Windows 7 are the preferred operating systems.  Windows XP machines will no longer be allowed on our network.
· No support for Linux desktop
· NO Windows XP, ME, NT, Windows 98 are allowed on AU network
Additional items to consider:
· There is no monthly charge for dorm network connections
· External Drive is suggested for periodic backups or file transfers
· Printer - color inkjets and multifunctions available in the $100 or under category
· USB Flash Drive
· Microsoft Office may be purchased through, Choose to Find your school store by clicking "Search Now".  You will choose the College & University link and then fill in the blanks for Country (United States), State (IN)  and type in Anderson University.   You may want to consider adding this software to your laptop purchase via HP/Dell/Gateway Computer order.

Desktop or laptop?
Desktops are usually a better dollar-for-dollar computing value. Also, they rarely fall out of a backpack onto the sidewalk, cracking the screen and requiring expensive repairs. Laptops are easier to move around and fit better in the suitcase to come home over the weekends. Which is best for your student? No recommendation. You know your student best.
In general, laptop or desktop, avoid appliance store brands and those built by someone in their garage. Sometimes those are fine; often they are not.
NOTE: Accidental Insurance for laptops is something to consider. Extended warranties may be a good thing to cover the computer throughout their years in college.
Mac or PC?
We are a heavily PC-Windows campus. If your student doesn't care, s/he would probably be better served with a PC. If they really love Macs, they won't be alone. Be sure to include a printer in your gift bundle as Mac printing is very limited on campus.