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Is your Computer Ready for Campus?

To all students at Anderson University for Fall 2015.  

August 2012

Greetings from Information Technology Services!

Our office provides computer support for AU faculty, staff and students.  We’d like to share a few tips that will help you be ready to come to campus.  Even if you are a returning or non-residential student, please read the information below.  You may find some helpful information.

For new students, beginning August 13, your  email address will become your official campus email.  If you have not activated your email, or if you’ve had a problem, please contact our office so we can assist you.  Many offices and departments use this email address to communicate with students prior to the beginning of classes.  It is important that you check it at least daily.

Network passwords.  Please visit and reset your network password before coming to campus.  Passwords expire every 6 months.  You will need to make sure your password is current to get connected to the network or to log onto AccessAU or Moodle.  If you are new to AU, you need to reset your network password to begin using AccessAU or Moodle or to connect to our campus network.  If in doubt, reset your password.  (NOTE:  RavenMail password is not in any way connected to your network password.)

 All network devices must be registered to work on our campus.  Our requirements for registration include fully updated operating system (all updates and patches for your version of Windows or Mac OS), an antivirus program installed and fully updated, and no P2P software installed (see more below).

 You can meet our computer requirements by doing the following BEFORE coming to campus:

1.     Have one (and only one) antivirus installed and fully updated on your machine (yes, that includes Macs).  Two antivirus programs may actually block each other… so in effect, you have none, not two.

2.     Make sure your machine is clean of viruses, Trojans or malware before connecting to our campus network.   Make sure your AV product is up to date and then do a full scan the day before arriving.  It’s also a good idea to scan for malware/spyware.  Recommended programs to check for spyware is MalwarebytesAd-AwareSpybot Search & Destroy among many others. 

3.     If running Windows be sure you have all updates and service packs (on the Start, All Programs menu, Windows Updates).  If you haven’t done this in a while, it may take some time and some reboots!  Stick with it until the system returns with the computer is up to date message.  It will save you time getting connecting to the network when you get on campus.

4.     If running Mac OSX, it is imperative that you check for all software updates before coming to campus.  Recent vulnerabilities exist in the Mac OS and an up-to-date system is for your protection.

5.     Remove any music-sharing software that allows illegal downloading of music.  (Do a Google search on “P2P music sharing” to see examples).  See our P2P policy on under New to AU.

While we are happy to help you with your computer, we cannot do hardware repairs.  If your machine is not working, please get it repaired before you come to campus.  We also will not work on machines with virus problems the first two weeks of school.  Call to set up an appointment for assistance after September 9.

When you get to campus and are ready to register your computer, connect to the network and open a web browser.  You will automatically be routed to our registration page.  Read and carefully follow the on-screen directions.  

It is a good idea to pack all the directions and CDs that came with your computer and bring them along.  A really bad virus infection can require a full rebuild of your computer … and we will need your disks to get this accomplished. 

For all mobile devices (iPads, iPhones, Androids, etc), game devices, SmartTv’s, Blu-ray Players, etc., visit for instructions connecting to AUWireless.

Any student wishing to print or copy to campus devices will need to deposit money on their print account.  Copying and printing is $.05 per impression; color is $.20 per impression.  Credit may be added at the University Library circulation desk and in ITS (Decker 47) during regular business hours.  

Copy PIN numbers need to be created or reset for ALL students.  Visit; log in using network username and password and look for the link Add/Change PIN.

Please visit the ITS website ( for more information about all things related to computing at AU.

Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!