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Install Network Printer on a Mac

The instructions on this page will tell you how to install the PaperCut Client on your Mac:

Go to "System Preferences"
Choose "Print & Fax"
Click "+" to add a printer
Control-click on the toolbar and select "Customize Toolbar
Drag the "Advanced" icon onto the toolbar and click "Done
Click Advanced
Wait for it to stop searching for printers

Type: Windows
Device: Another Device
URL: smb://portland/printername
(e.g. smb://portland/ITS01)
Name:  printername on portland (e.g. ITS01 on Portland)
Location: Optional
Print Using: Generic PCL Driver, or Generic PS driver

Click "Add"
Verify "Installable Options
Click "Continue"

When you send a job to the printer a printer icon will appear in your dock. Click on that icon and find your print job on the list. Click "Resume." An authentication box will appear
Enter: anderson/username (e.g. anderson/jsmith) and your AU password