P2P File Sharing Policy

Illegal sharing of copyrighted materials (generally through Peer-to-Peer software) is prohibited on the campus network at Anderson University.   Examples of P2P software are:                                



BT2Net Downloader

Black Pirate FS



KaZaA Lite

Kazaa & LimeWire Lyric Finder






Any software which claims to allow a user to download “free” music or movies is most likely P2P software.  This prohibition includes the illegal downloading or sharing of copyrighted materials, including music, games, and movies, and television shows

 We take this position because:

1.     It is illegal. Both the U.S. Copyright Act, and Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 prohibit the distribution or sharing of copyrighted work without the copyright owner’s permission.

2.     It is dangerous. The “peer-to-peer” software that is used for file sharing may bypass your computer’s security and open your entire computer, along with personal information on your computer, to persons on the Internet.  Many (if not most) spyware infections come into your computer from illegal file-sharing sites.

3.     It degrades network performance. Because it is the nature of these programs to share your files with as many computers as possible, the resulting volume of network traffic can slow down or disable our entire network.

4.     Finally, it is just wrong. Artists, writers, musicians, actots and other creators of intellectual property rely upon copyright to protect their works. When you violate copyright by downloading and sharing these works, you are depriving the artist of real income, and clearly that is wrong.


The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires all colleges and universities to offer legal alternatives to unauthorized downloading. The link below provides links to all of the legitimate online services that are approved by the AAP, MPAA, and RIAA. No endorsement or evaluation is intended.