Faculty, Staff and Current Student Password Reset/Problems

Anderson University faculty, staff and current students typically have two accounts: 

RavenMail is a Google Apps for Education product which really means it is a gmail account.  Once a RavenMail account has been created, a temporary password is assigned using the pattern of Auxxxxxxx (with the x's representing your AU ID number).  On the initial login to RavenMail, you will establish your own personal password for email.  This password never expires.  If you have forgotten your RavenMail password, email its@anderson.edu with your full name and student ID number requesting your password be reset.  RavenMail passwords do not expire. However, it is a good idea to voluntarily change your RavenMail password periodically. This is just a good computer user habit to develop. Click here for instructions on changing RavenMail password.

Network password:   Click here to reset your Network Password

You have one account for everything other than RavenMail. This account is commonly referred to as your network account. AccessAU, Canvas, Moodle, printing, etc. passwords are linked to this single authentication service. Your network password expires 180 days after the last reset. You can change your network password before the 180 days; but if you do nothing, it will expire on the 180th day. Click here for instructions on changing your network password..

Password requirements:

  • It must be between 8 and 127 characters long.

  • It must contain an uppercase letter (A-Z).

  • It must contain a lowercase letter (a-z).

  • It must contain a digit (0-9).

  • It should contain a special character ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = { } [ ] \ | : ; " ' < > , . ? /

  • It cannot contain your name or the name of your account.

  • It must not be one of the last eight passwords that you have used.

Password tips:

  • Should be easy to remember without being obvious for somebody else to guess.

  • Should not be a dictionary word.

  • Never tell anyone your password.

  • Never write down your password. Even if you don't think that somebody would know that it was your password if they saw it, think of a way to remember it so that you don't have to write it down.

  • Periodically change your password.


Reset password still doesn’t work:

If, after changing your password, you still cannot log in, it could be that your account has been “locked” due to too many unsuccessful attempts. This is a security feature. To get your account unlocked, please contact the ITS Help Desk via email to its@anderson.edu or calling the helpdesk 765 641 4300.